Manchester United and Chelsea in battle for Real Madrid midfielder!

The great performance that has shown this season the Brazilian midfielder in Real Madrid, Casemiro has putted top clubs in movement to secure him to join their team.

The battle for this player will be between Manchester United and Chelsea. Both teams need Casemiro in their defensive midfield position, and after perfect performance that the Brazilian is having in Real Madrid they will do the out-most to secure his signature for a contract with these clubs.

Jose Mourinho has decided to spent a lot of money this season and to be prepared for the next season to compete for the Premier League Champions position and of course if he qualifies in Champions League he wants to make sure that he could achieve maybe to win a Champions League with Manchester United.

In other side Antonio Conte have good performance so far with Chelsea but seems like Matic can’t keep the defensive midfielder position and Casemiro would be the ideal solution for this place.