Dybala advises Juve: Zaniolo and Chiesa are the only good dribblers in Italy

Juventus’ star Paulo Dybala spoke in a long interview with Style about the differences between Argentinian and Italian football and also giving his club a little advice in terms of potential transfer market news.

“Dribbling past a player is the best thing after scoring a goal for a footballer and in South America, there is a tendency to dribble more since you get used to playing on the street. In Italy, things are very different and, apart from Zaniolo and Chiesa, there are no players with these characteristics,” he said.

“Arriving in Italy was not easy, I moved from Argentina to one of the most difficult leagues in the world. I grew a lot, I do not consider myself a boy because I had experiences that allow me to see things in another way, both on and off the field.

“In football, there are difficult moments and they happen to everyone, you have to be prepared. I have a mental coach but he is not a psychologist,” Dybala added.