Digne: Messi is playing on another planet

Digne is certainly a left-back who likes to attack. The France international has scored four goals and has five assists this season.

In the Premier League, he has created the most chances for a defender and delivered the most crosses for a player in his position in his debut season at Goodison Park.

Maybe that attacking prowess comes from the fact he started out as a striker before turning into a winger and then, at 14, switching to left-back when at his first club Lille.

Digne said: “Some people would say, ‘I want to stay as a striker and score the goals but it’s OK – I can score as a left back!

“But I love to defend. My job is defence first, after you can attack. It’s perfect.”

It was at Lille where Digne shared a dressing room with Eden Hazard and tested himself against the Belgian in training.

He then moved to PSG, had a loan spell at Roma before he found himself at Barcelona and in the company of Lionel Messi.

“When you train against the best player in the world you learn a lot because you are playing against the best,” said the Frenchman.

“You need to move fast, do everything fast and better, you can’t miss something because if you do it’s a goal even if it’s only training.

“It’s really good if you’re a left back or a defender to play against this type of player.

“He is playing on another planet. He sees everything before everyone else, he does everything fast, every time he makes a good decision, he’s the best.

“He’s a good guy, too. He spoke to me when I arrived at Barcelona, he spoke with a lot of players.”