Messi’s UCL promise that surprised his teammates: It’s up to you to do it, then!


Luis Suarez has revealed that Lionel Messi’s declaration that Barcelona would push to win the Champions League came as a surprise to himself and his teammates.

Messi, who had just become Barcelona captain, made it clear that the Blaugrana wanted to make amends for their embarrassing exit to Roma in last year’s Champions League.

“Regarding this year, I think we have set a platform to get excited,” Messi said before playing Boca Juniors in the Joan Gamper Trophy.

“The signings that came will help us a lot to be better than we were.

“Although last year we won LaLiga [Santander] and the Copa del Rey, we all got stung in the Champions League.

“We promise that we will do everything possible so that this beautiful cup returns to the Camp Nou again.”

However, it came as a surprise to Suarez, one of Messi’s best friends.

“We joked: ‘You said it, it’s up to you to do it, then!’ Suarez told The Guardian.

“He surprised us but if the captain wants to win the cup so much, why wouldn’t we? It was a clear message. It’s not an obligation but we want to win it. It’s not easy, that’s for sure. It’s very hard, very difficult – like the leagues are.

“Sometimes people don’t appreciate the leagues Barcelona have won. It’s as if it was easy, no one thinks much of it. But then you go and lose to Alaves or Real Valladolid: ‘Buah, what a disaster they are!’ You have to appreciate all those titles. You have to win those games, like last night [at Alaves last Tuesday night].”