‘I know people love me’ – Ronaldo still holds affection for Real Madrid’s fans

Not everything is rosy for Cristiano Ronaldo because, despite him being one of football’s greatest ever players, the forward still faces constant criticism.

The former Real Madrid star has won so much, but still faces the challenge of proving his worth to those who doubt him every season.

“They saw that I’m not a smoke seller.

“They saw that I’m Cristiano Ronaldo and that I am what I am because I take care of myself.

“Why have I won five Ballon d’Ors and five Champions Leagues?”

Despite deciding to leave the Spanish capital, Ronaldo still holds affection for the city of Madrid and Real Madrid’s fans.

“I can’t forget or hide my problems with the tax authorities, my life is like an open book,” he said.

“I wanted to provide some jobs [with my hair transplant clinic].

“I know people love me, they know I gave a lot to the club and it also gave me a lot.

“They say to me in the street ‘Cris, come home, it’s always your home’ and I like to hear that.”

Now 35, the Portuguese is still scoring goals in Italy, even though people continue to expect him to slow down.

“People are always judging,” the player went on.

“They say ‘it’s over already, he’s 33, 34 or 35 years of age’.

“You want to surprise people.”

People often assume that footballers are perfectly happy in their everyday lives, which Ronaldo explained finding difficult to accept.

“They see me as a person who can never have a problem,” he explained.

“They see me as someone who can never be sad and never have worries because of my success and money.

“You have to understand that people don’t think like you.

“I understand that and know that people are waiting with a shotgun for me to miss a penalty or fail in a big match.

“It’s a big part of life and I have to be prepared, which I have been for many years now.”