‘Sky is the limit for Liverpool, they should sign Messi now!’

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner was powerless to stop the Blaugrana falling to semi-final defeat on a remarkable night of action at Anfield

Former Liverpool midfielder Craig Johnston believes the sky is the limit for the Reds and believes they should be trying to sign Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi, such is the club’s quality and potential following their Champions League heroics.

“They’re reaching the sky and the limit,” Johnston told Omnisport . “They’re reaching more than their limit given their squad.

“Look at the names last night without the stars and without Coutinho and Suarez. Imagine if they’d stayed and given their all to us. We have to get into a culture of not letting them go.

“We should be buying Lionel Messi! That’s how good we could be if you turn it around on Barcelona.

“It’s a fascinating thing for me, players and how they can find 20-30 per cent of enthusiasm and spark and other great players can lose 30-40 per cent given the mood of the match. It was a classic Anfield glory night.”