Messi left Anfield in tears following Barcelona’s drubbing by Liverpool

Lionel Messi left Anfield in tears after Liverpool sensationally wrecked his personal crusade to win Barcelona their sixth European Cup, reveals Daily Mail.

There were many abiding images from the night Jurgen Klopp’s men hauled themselves back from the brink; one that particularly resonated, though, was of Messi standing with his hands on hips, looking at the scoreboard, after Liverpool had scored their fourth goal.

Barcelona’s captain had made it his mission to win ‘that trophy’ for his team but he was left demoralized by the way Liverpool tore them apart and he was inconsolable when he returned to the dressing room. To add to the ignominy, Messi was selected to do the random drug test.

It was an evening of incredible drama, one of the greatest Anfield has witnessed, but Barcelona’s players accepted the consequences of their performance and recognized the criticism it would lead to upon their return to Catalonia.