Will CR7 have a say in the choice of the coach? The 5 points of the Allegri-Agnelli meeting

The much-anticipated meeting is about to arrive. Andrea Agnelli and Massimiliano Allegri will meet face to face to define the future of Juventus. The president and the manager will meet to discuss a new contract, or to say farewell to one another. Today’s edition of Tuttosport outlines the 5 points of the meeting.

1) Why have both not yet met face-to-face? Officially, due to logistical and “human” issues. The desire to calm down after the Ajax disappointment, the commitments of Agnelli between Madrid, Nyon and Milan. However, many are surprised by the ‘procrastination’ and lack of meeting between the two. The timing affects the desire of both to fully understand whether there are any surprise options, before foreclosing a definitive pact.

2) How is the relationship between Allegri and Agnelli? Excellent, both from a professional and human point of view.

3) What will be the specific weight of Pavel Nedved and Fabio Paratici in the negotiations? The vice president and the sporting director will play an important role. Both are men of football and the locker room, both are already working on the market. In the choice of coaches, however, Agnelli has always played a crucial role.

4) What are the thorniest topics to be addressed? Everything will revolve around a couple of substantial macro-themes: Allegri’s stimuli, the club’s ambitions, market projects in relation to declared sports goals, analysis of the injuries, relations with the media and supporters.

5) Will Cristiano Ronaldo have a say in the choice of the coach? Not directly. A solid club like Juventus certainly does not want to put itself in a position to depend on a player for what concerns certain basic choices. It is clear, however, that many strategies for next season will be aimed at allowing CR7 to give the maximum.