Barcelona’s ‘arrogant’ tweet goes viral after Liverpool comeback

Liverpool marked a dramatic victory tonight in their Champions League second-leg semi final against Barcelona, securing a place in the Madrid final.

Despite going into the game 3-0 down after last week’s defeat at Camp Nou , the Reds pushed strong and finished with four goals and more impressively a clean sheet.

And 4-0 was enough for Liverpool to go through on a 4-3 aggregate to the Champions League final.

But following Divock Origi’ s opening goal, Barcelona’s official Twitter account still believed the Catalan side were guaranteed a win.

They said: “We score, Liverpool need FIVE – and we’re going to get at least one… agreed?”.

This was followed by a picture of Barcelona player and former Red man Luis Suarez running with the ball.

Another tweet reads: “We’ve found one person who does walk alone #Messi.”

But for FC Barcelona, the tweets proved very premature and sparked a humiliating backlash come full-time.

One Liverpool fan said: “Leave the forecasting to Mystic Meg lads.”

Another said: “You were schooled by Wijnaldum and Origi lads!”

Others tweeted the a GIF of someone pressing a ‘delete’ button repeatedly on the keyboard.