Jordi Alba responds to the critics after Liverpool loss

“Mistakes form part of life. They make you feel really bad,” he said

Barcelona players are beginning to show thir faces again after Tuesday’s shock Champions League defeat to Liverpool when they lost 4-0 to throw away a three-goal first leg lead.

The players had been silent since then on social media, until Arturo Vidal’s post on Friday. Jordi Alba has now followed suit with a message of his own.

“Mistakes form part of life. They make you feel really bad. The important thing is how we deal with them, how we react,” Alba wrote. Accompanied by an image of Friday’s training session, he added: “Always believe in hard work, in your teammates, in the team. Always work to be better.”

Alba’s message comes in rsponse to the criticism he has received for his part in the loss. He was at fault for the first and second goals.

More players are expected to post on social media in the coming days as Barça prepare to return to action against Getafe on Sunday at Camp Nou.