Liverpool will earn more Premier League prize money than Man City

Liverpool will earn more Premier League prize cash this season than Manchester City — whether or not Jurgen Klopp’s side win the title on Sunday.

And the worst value for money club this season, based on the amount they pay their players in wages, has been Manchester United: every league point they accumulated this season cost nearly £100,000.

Liverpool are in line to earn the most because they have been more popular with broadcasters than City.

Matches involving Liverpool have been shown live 29 times by Sky Sports and BT Sport — two more than any other club. Manchester United were next with 27 televised games, while City, including today’s trip to Brighton, have been shown ‘only’ 26 times live.

Clubs are guaranteed a minimum of £12.5m for TV games with an extra £1.2m per live match when shown more than 10 times. The 29 live TV games will earn Liverpool about £3.4million more than City, enough to take their income above the league leaders.

The Mail On Sunday has calculated that Liverpool can expect around £150m, if they finish second — about £1.4m more than City, even if City win the title. Liverpool will clear £150m by winning the title.

Each club is supposed to be shown live at least 10 times in the UK each season. But Bournemouth, Southampton and Huddersfield have been shown only eight times each.

Relegated Huddersfield, Fulham and Cardiff will each take between £94m and £100m down with them to the Championship.

Our predicted money table (above) is based on current Premier League standings and is subject to change depending on today’s results. Each position in the table is set to be worth between £1.9m and £2m.

It means West Ham, who can still finish the season inside the top 10, still have around £4m to play for this afternoon.

Wolves provided the best value for their wages in the Premier League according to our ‘bang for your buck’ analysis.

Their average first-team basic wage was just below £1.8m per player, or just under £34,000 per week, when the campaign began.

With 57 points at the start of the final day, Wolves have spent ‘only’ £30,835 per player per point in 2018-19, or less than any other team in the English elite (see panel). Manchester United have offered the poorest return, with each point costing a whopping £99,010 per player.

Manchester City have been scintillating but expensive. Spurs have offered the best value in the top six, followed by Liverpool.

Cardiff had a shoestring budget, relatively, and did badly overall, but relatively well compared to their resources.