Pique comments the referees, Ramos replies to him!

After the win of Real Madrid with an amazing comeback against Villareal, Barcelona’s defender Gerard Pique wrote on the social media that this is not fair. “Against same teams 8 points, these are the comments of Spanish media, just for if you still have doubts” wrote Pique who seemed disappointing from the win of Real Madrid.

In other side this comment by Pique had immediate reply by his compatriot Sergio Ramos who wasn’t surprised with Pique’s comment.

“I would be surprised if Messi made remarks for the referees, but for Pique I’m not  surprised at all. He thinks that all the world is against him. Referees has hard job to do so let’s don’t interfere in their job” was the reply comment of Ramos for the statement of Pique.

There will be an aggressive battle between Real Madrid and Barcelona until the end of the season not only on the pitch but also with comments and reply’s because this season will be very tough race for La Liga tittle which for the moment is leading by Real Madrid.