‘I’m at the best club in the world’ – Benzema has no WC regrets with France


Karim Benzema had an appearance on the French TV show “Quotidien,” where he discussed various subjects ranging from the World Cup to his children.

The 31 year old striker was signed by Real Madrid back in 2009 from Olympique Lyonnais after scored 23 goals for them that season. Many wish to see him return to the league where he made a name for himself, and as such, he was asked if he would go back to Ligue 1, to which Benzema quickly replied:

“Come back to play in France? I am at the best club in the world. It’s hard, I always want to play at the highest level. In France, I only have Olympique Lyonnais in my heart, where I left such a great image. I would love to leave it as such. At this moment, the answer is No.”

Benzema’s omission from the French National Team has never sat right with many fans and that topic was, once again, brought up in this interview. The Frenchman replied with an extremely mature and candid answer.

“The French National Team has a new group — a new generation. They are World Champions. It is what it is and it must be respected. I saw the final in Lyon at my mom’s house — with my family. Because I’m close to Varane I was happy! I would have loved to be there, which is normal for any footballer passionate for the game. I’ve had my great moments in Real Madrid, but it’s also good that they [France] won this World Cup. I don’t have a single regret.”


Benzema is also a proud parent of two lovely children, Ibrahim & Mélia. The host, Yann Barthes, had prepared photos of them to show to Benzema. “My kids… they’re everything!” said the striker.

When the host asked to have photos of his son and Benzema at the same age placed side to side, Benzema said, “There’s no need for you to show me that, otherwise you’ll have me in tears!” shortly after, El Gato was doing his best to hold back and wipe his tears. “I talk to them every day about life. I teach them to respect people and to respect their parents”

Whenever he’s feeling down, Karim knows that all he has to do is spend a little time with Ibrahim and Mélia and they will instantly cheer him up. Priceless!