Ronaldo not keen on Conte replacing Allegri on Juventus bench

Italian daily ‘La Repubblica’ report how the Portuguese striker made a negative gesture with his head when asked on how he’d feel about Conte taking over as Juve coach.

Cristiano Ronaldo is not keen on Antonio Conte replacing Massimiliano Allegri on the Juventus bench. Italian daily ‘La Repubblica’ report that the Portuguese striker is far from keen for a Conte return as Juventus first team coach with Cristiano making public his respect for Allegri via a social media post.

The Italian daily reports how Cristiano made a negative gesture upon being asked on his opinion on a hypothetical return for the former player as a replacement for Allegri during the farewell press conference for the outgoing coach.

Libero later reported that Cristiano Ronaldo has suggested Carlo Ancelotti and José Mourinho as possible replacements at the Turin based club with both options complex, given that Ancelotti is under contract with Napoli and Mou’s Inter Milan past proving complicated given the tension between both clubs.

As things stand Conte looks poised for the Inter position with Sarri and Inzaghi candidates to succeed Allegri on the Juventus bench.