If Real Madrid pay 50 million pounds they can get this young talent!

Real Madrid has shown interest for more young talents that want to have in the club as hot prospects. The same case is with the younger Moussa Dembele who at the moment plays for Celtic and has one of the best seasons in the club so far.

According to Dembele’s team mate Cristian Gamboa, the club could demand 50 million pounds because Dembele is player that can play in Real Madrid without any problem.

“He is a good player. He can go wherever he wants. We enjoy having him here and hope we can enjoy having him for a long time. He can go to Real Madrid or wherever he wants. He is a top-class player. The age he is, just 20, means there is a lot that he still has to do. But he is having a really good season for Celtic. It is good for Celtic and it is good for us as a group. We enjoy it.” told Gamboa to the media.

Dembele is leading the scoring table in Scottish Premier League. For his services are also interested Chelsea and other Premier League clubs, but also Real Madrid is scouting the player for a long time and he can be a long term addition for the club!