Hazard: It’s my time to win UCL for Madrid, this jersey means so much to me

Eden Hazard has given his first interview as a Whites’ player to Realmadrid TV.

The forward revealed how his presentation was an emotional dream come true and he is now hoping to repay all that support during the upcoming season: “It’s a great feeling. This jersey means so much to me. Real Madrid is the best club in the world. It’s hard to describe what I’m feeling. Stepping out on to the pitch and seeing all the fans is wonderful”.

What was your first day as a Madridista like?

Hazard: “It’s been a dream come true. Arriving at the Bernabéu, seeing all the fans, talking to them…”

How did it feel to hear the whole of the Bernabéu chanting your name?

Hazard: “It’s a wonderful feeling. This jersey means so much to me. Real Madrid is the best club in the world.”

Hazard: “Stepping out on to the pitch and seeing all the fans is wonderful. I just want to get back next month and start playing for this club.”

How was that?

Hazard: “I felt just like a child. All of those people had come out just to see me. At first, I did feel nervous, but that’s normal. I think it all went well.”

How long have you been dreaming of playing for Real Madrid?

Hazard: “Since I first started kicking the ball around the back garden, when I was just four or five.”

Hazard: ”My career has taken me to several teams, but now, at 28, I am finally at this great club. It is hard to describe how I feel, I really am thrilled.”

What do hope to achieve at Real Madrid?

Hazard: “When you join this club you want to win titles. you want to win for yourself, for the club, the fans and everyone involved, this club wins titles almost every year.”

Hazard: ”The first thing you think about when you wake up is that you’re at Real Madrid and at the end of the season you want trophies. If we play as a team, with passion and hard work, we’ll get there.”

What do you remember about Real Madrid growing up?

Hazard: “My first memory was Zidane scoring that great volley against Bayer Leverkusen in the final.”

What do you love most about football?

Hazard: “I love being out on the pitch and making the fans happy. When I play I try to give my best.”

Hazard: ”Football makes me happy, I just want to enjoy what I do and that’s why I love doing this. I loved my time at Chelsea, at Lille and the Belgium national team, now it is time for Real Madrid.”

What it is like being so close to these 13 European Cups that Real Madrid has won?

Hazard: “I got to a semi-final with Chelsea, but I haven’t won it yet. It is great to see these trophies. I haven’t won it yet but now it’s my time, I want it.”

What does Zidane mean to you?

Hazard: “He was the reason I started watching football. I grew up in Belgium, but I supported France because of him. Now we are here together and it is a real special sensation. I cannot wait for preseason to start.”

What did Courtois tell you about Real Madrid?

Hazard: “Only positive things. He is a good friend of mine and we are lucky to be here at Real Madrid together. We discussed Real Madrid a lot last week on international duty. I am thrilled to be sharing a dressing room with him.”

What message would you like to give the Madridista fans?

Hazard: “I want to say hello, and thanks for such a warm welcome. You have all been phenomenal and I can’t wait to see every last one of you at the Bernabéu for our first game in LaLiga.”