Barcelona’s President Bartomeu tells when they will decide for new manager!

Barcelona’s President Jose Maria Bartomeu has spoken for the decision that they have to make for new coach. As he told to the Spanish media that until 1st of July they will not make any decision regarding the new coach of the team.

According to 9SportPro, Bartomeu has praised the job of Luis Enrique in the last three seasons in Barcelona. “Luis Enrique has done great job in the last three seasons. I can tell that he is one of the best managers that Barcelona had in the history of the club. Unfortunately he will not be with us in the next season” told Bartomeu.

He also added: “Until 1st of July we will deal with some processes inside the club and after that date we will inform you for the choice for that manager”.

According to close sources that 9SportPro has in Barcelona, the player are disappointed because Luis Enrique is leaving the club.