Mesut Ozil tells who forced him to leave Real Madrid!

After many years for the first time Mesut Ozil speaks for his time at Real Madrid. As he says he was happy in Madrid, but his father has argued with Florentino Perez at that time. All this story he has wrote on his book, part of which was published in BILD.

Here is what Ozil wrote:

“My father Mustafa represented me at this time as an adviser. He was convinced that by now he would understand enough about the profession and no longer depend on the help of other agents.

“I did not intend to leave Real Madrid at all. My father and I both had the goal of extending prematurely for a further year. My father then took over the negotiations. He contacted Florentino Perez and made appointments.

“It was not about greed. It was just a fair payment. And at first Real did not match us. But the situation was new to my father. He did not know how to be placed under negotiation pressure in this form. He had not done dozens of negotiations with the biggest club managers, and accordingly, he had to be honest, he had to admit that he had to deal with such a provocative offer.

“That is why he did not keep a cool head as it would probably have been important.

“In contrast to a man like Florentino Perez, who expects people to dance to his pipe, stubbornness was not appropriate.

“And it was not at all right for my father to leave the office and slam the door to Perez’s office shut.

“I had fallen into disgrace with the boss [Perez] of my club, although I had not done anything wrong at all.

“I was threatened with sitting in the stands. Suddenly I had to act. For my career. It was not at all questionable to play any more – especially if this decision were not based on performance criteria.”