Real Madrid’s arrival in women’s football can spark a revolution


Real Madrid’s imminent arrival in LaLiga Iberdrola will be a significant boost for women’s football in Spain which, to its immense credit, had already been taking strides forward in recent seasons.

This upwards trajectory the women’s game has shown now has extra momentum behind it with Madrid, one of football’s biggest global brands, coming on board.

A study carried out by the Advisory Board of the World Football Summit (WFS) explained that Madrid’s involvement will attract more Spanish and international fans, as well as sponsorship.

“It’ll attract local and global sponsors and will contribute to valuing the benefits of investing in women’s football,” argues Xavi Bove, a sports marketing consultant and a WFS collaborator.

The study explains that support will rise with Madrid’s inclusion. There have been occasions when San Mames or the Wanda Metropolitano have been full for women’s games but, generally, attendances average under 2,000.


But a Clasico in the women’s game will be key, due to the obsession of fans with a rivalry.

“Local and national rivalries boost the popularity of sports, clubs and athletes, who all benefit from their existence,” it was explained.

Los Blancos will want to, and can, trigger a reaction in women’s football and provide the boost needed to step towards reaching its enormous potential. Now, among the world’s richest teams, only Borussia Dortmund lack a women’s side.