Barcelona ‘tell Neymar to return to PSG to ease transfer’

Barcelona have advised Neymar to report back to Paris Saint-Germain rather than go AWOL, in case it complicates his return to Camp Nou.

Sport claim that Neymar’s intention when he left France for international duty in May was not to go back to Paris, in the hope that talks between PSG and Barca were advanced enough that he wouldn’t have to.

But that’s not likely to be the case and the Brazil forward has been told he should report back to training when required, as the negotiations are delicately-poised and upsetting PSG could backfire.

PSG are said to be ‘tired’ of Neymar and open to selling him, but if he were to fail to report for pre-season training, the club’s ownership could react in a negative way.

Both Barca and Neymar have been quiet on the transfer in an effort to keep things moving smoothly, while Neymar has also declined to comment so as not to draw attention away from Brazil’s Copa America.

The hosts face Peru in the final on July 7, and it is suggested that after that game is played, Neymar may speak publically in an effort to push the operation along.

Neymar is also recovering from an ankle injury suffered prior to the Copa America that caused him to miss the tournament.