“I knew Ibrahimovic will hit me back” (VIDEO)

Bournemouth player, Tyrone Mings said after the match that he knew Zlatan Ibrahimovic would hit him back after the first incident, he insists that it was accidental.
“No, I did not want to hit him on his head. I would never do it, it is not my game. Strong and fair is the way I want to take the ball, but hit players without the ball and such things are not in my game” he said.

“He is who he is, he is a good player, and this is what we had all day. It was a duel, maybe it was an elbow, I have not seen but I felt it,” added Mings.

“I knew that he would hit me back during the rest of the game. He is a physical guy and was very good test for me” said Mings for Sky Sports.