Napoli: Jorge Mendes will not visit Napoli

Earlier today, reports came out about a potential visit by Jorge Mendes to Napoli’s training ground, Dimaro, where he was expected to speak with the Partenopei about the situation of James Rodriguez.

However, on their official Twitter page, Napoli quickly denied these rumours: “Although the official radio of Napoli claims that Mendes is coming to Dimaro, of course, Mendes is not coming to Dimaro. It is truly sad that everyone can run after anything written without doing any verification,” they wrote.

With that said, the Partneopei are still very keen on bringing in James Rodriguez, whose future is yet to be decided. Atletico Madrid are also interested in the player, although the Colombian is yet to decide between the two clubs. Meanwhile, Napoli will have to solve some economic issues with Real Madrid.