‘It can be lost in many ways but not like this’ – Ramos unhappy with derby loss

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos was interviewed after the crushing defeat in the Madrid Derby.

“The feeling is not good. This has just begun, they are matches to reach the level of play. We have taken it as a friendly and they have not. The result is too broad. We are screwed. You can lose many ways, but not like that. After a horrible first part, the goal was to forget her and try to win the second. That at least we did. It’s a very bad result. ”

Attitude and lack of hunger
“That is not the problem. Ambition remains intact. We have won a lot, but that is past. We started from scratch, we must forget last season. It is too early to make assessments. We must continue working with good attitude. They have taken it as if it were a fine one. They have exceeded in intensity and have been very fine for the goal. ”

A derby
“You are screwed because he is the most direct rival in our city. Real Madrid will be hurt, as we are with each defeat. But it is not to be worried. This has just begun. We are filming.”

“We have already spoken at rest. The best conclusion was to forget the first part.”

Last season
“After winning so much, people grab a bad season. Little by little we will get better.”

Tactically overcome?
“Do not miss what you do not have, those who have been and have left or those who can come and do not come is unfair. We are what we are, Depending on the players we are going to play according to the systems that the master wants, which are several, The team is well worked tactically and it is not time to worry about that “,

Market rumors
“We do not worry. You say things, that some things are true and others are not, but we are not worried. Bele is our partner, we are happy with him and the future of each depends on oneself.”

They can win again
“Yes. If I didn’t think about it, I would be the first to leave, even if I had 1% of doubts. I really trust this team and Real Madrid too.”