Three clubs that Isco can join in this summer transfer window!?

Isco Alcorcon is one of the most wanted players for the summer transfer period. His future in Real Madrid is on big doubts, especially now. He didn’t start the match again yesterday against Eibar. Real Madrid will not keep him if he doesn’t continue his contract by the end of the season, because if they don’t sell him this season, from next season he might leave the club as free agent.

At the moment there are many clubs interested for this talented player, but only three clubs are more serious on this race.


Pep Guardiola doesn’t have the best start of the season in Premier League. He is interested for long time for Isco, because as he sees he is big addition to the quality of the midfield. Is not that he doesn’t have other option for the midfield but with Isco and De Bryne he gets one of the best attacking midfield in the world.


Max Allegri is a manager that loves the creativity in the team. Even last season he was interested for Isco but in that time the Spanish decided to stay in Spain.

Isco will fit in the team immediately and would be key player for the midfield in Juventus. This might be the reason for him to accept a possible offer from Juventus this summer.


This is consider as an impossible mission to complete, but yes still is an option. Barcelona can’t find the solution after Xavi Hernandez left the club, and Iniesta is not the same as couple of seasons ago. Isco will fit this team of Barcelona perfectly. He will become a key player also and will have another status in Barcelona. But, always move like this could affect the personal relation of the player with the fans of Real Madrid. With such a move Real Madrid fans will consider him as a traitor. Another fact that a transfer like this is very difficult to occur is that there are rumors that every Real Madrid player has anti-Barcelona contract clause.