Ronaldo explains ‘Siiuu’ celebration and names one player he’d like to partner

Cristiano Ronaldo recently talks about his celebration, best goal and the player he would have liked to play with.

‘There are so many great players that I would have liked to play with, but if I have to choose one, then I say one of my compatriot who unfortunately is no longer here. I say Eusebio, one of the symbols of Portugal, an incredible person, an example for all of us.”

“The most beautiful goal of my career? Hard to choose one I scored about 700, I opt for the simplest answer and I say the last and the next goal, because for me all goals are important.”

“My “Siiuuu” after every goal? It was born naturally, we were in the States, we played against Chelsea, I scored, I jumped & I shouted that “Siuuu”, since then I have continued to do so because when I meet the fans, they repeat that chant.”