Real Madrid set price for Isco!? The player might leave this summer!

The most talked story in this 2017 is the Isco “case”. After many articles and statements that both the club and the player have played in the public opinion, seems like this has come to an end.

For the first time there is a concrete step taken by the club. They putted a price for Isco, which means that if any club pays 30 million euro can have Isco from this summer.

Now the future of Isco has more clear situation. This means that the player finally won’t sign a new contract with Real Madrid and clubs that interested to sign him should pay the fee of 30 million euro.

As it looks, now Manchester City, Chelsea, Juventus but even AC Milan with new owners might enter the race for Isco and this is the first time that interested club are so close to have Isco in their teams.