Former Real Madrid coach explains why Neymar didn’t join after a trial

There are so many rumours about Neymar joining Real Madrid this summer, but this isn’t the first time the Brazilian has been on the Spanish club’s radar.

He also came for a trial in the Spanish capital when he was 14 years of age, but a move from Santos didn’t materialise and he instead ended up going to Barcelona a few years later.

Now, one of the coaches who led the forward’s trial at Real Madrid has spoken about that experience and explained why the player didn’t join Los Blancos.

“I went to the dressing room to welcome the kid, like we did with anyone,” the coach said.

“I found a small and skinny kid with shaved hair.

“The first thing that caught my attention was the fact he was so small and skinny, but then we saw there was a footballer of the top level.

“When he first had contact with the ball, we realised his quality.

“Everybody was aware that he was a very interesting player for the club for the future.

“I think Real Madrid made him a very good offer.

“They say that his father received that offer and told those in Brazil, saying ‘I’m here at the Bernabeu and they’ve offered these conditions, so we’ll talk and try to improve them’.

“I also know, because this came out afterwards, that when the president of Santos got worried about losing Neymar he spoke to the father and there was a promise for Neymar to return and for them to provide the family with an apartment.”