Lampard reveals what he told Abraham before Norwich game

Frank Lampard has confessed that he predicted Tammy Abraham would score against Norwich when they talked before the game.

The striker had been going through a dry patch, failing to score against United, Liverpool and Leicester, and pressure started piling up on him as the new No.9 who was not meeting fans’ expectations.

But Lampard has unambiguously stated his belief in Tammy, and it has finally paid off.

“I spoke to Tammy before the game today and I said to him that I felt today was the day,” the boss told the press conference.

“A bit of kidology really because who knows before the game, but I do trust in him and as a young striker you need that support, and I did feel something for him today and it will do wonders for his confidence.

“He has had a tough little period for the reasons we all know and strikers get judged purely on goals at times which is sometimes slightly unfair, but when you ask about character and enthusiasm to play for this club then he is right up there. You see it every day and he can get better and better so I am really pleased for him.

“I supported Tammy over the online abuse. I did it out loud and I did it behind the scenes. I supported him on that as much as I can and in terms of playing, hopefully he will see my belief in him from the fact he is playing and hopefully from the fact I want to do extra shooting with him daily, every type of finishing and the first one today was top drawer. That comes from work on the training ground.

“I have seen him sky a few of those in training but you keep going and all of a sudden you catch one and you score. That is why him and Mason and others, like Fikayo Tomori who I don’t want to forget because I feel for him at the moment because he is playing at a level where he could be playing in this team regularly. That is why they are good for us because they bring that enthusiasm to training.”