Barca board member confirms Neymar move close to completion

Barca delegation which spent half of the day in Paris has now arrived at El-Prat airport in Barcelona.

Upon the arrival, one of the board members Javier Bordas was asked about the current state of things.

“There is no agreement on Neymar yet. Are we closer to reach it? Yes, we’re very close.”

Besides Bordas, Oscar Grau (the club’s CEO), Eric Abidal (sporting director) and Andre Cury (responsible for the Brazilian part of Barca) were present at the meeting.

By the way, here’s what you need to know about the alleged meeting outcomes:

There is no agreement between the clubs yet.
However, Barcelona, Neymar and his entourage are extremely positive about the chances of finalizing the deal until September 2nd.
Neymar himself pushes PSG towards accomplishing the move as soon as possible.
The parties consider a direct transfer paid by the Catalans in two installments of about €85m.
No Barca players are to be involved.
The negotiations will likely continue in the following days.