Klopp’s reaction to Trent’s goal eventually registered as OG is priceless


The first half of the clash against Burnley was highlighted by Trent’s miraculous opener. He was set to deliver a cross, as usual, but instead, after a slight deflection, the ball magically hit the top corner of Pope’s goal.

Naturally, Reds fans and Klopp alike were over the moon with such an accidental but precise strike.

The goal, however, was claimed as an own goal.

It’s something Klopp didn’t know during the post-match interview. And his reaction when finding out that Trent is nowhere to be found on the scoresheets is truly priceless.


“…Passing options, runs, offers, everything was there. And, of course, the first goal! Maybe Trent will tell us he wanted it!” Klopp said flashing with his usual mile-wide smile.

He then being asked whether he’s disappointed that the goal was claimed as an OG.

“Kidding?” he says as his face changes dramatically, and equally hilarious.

“How is that possible?” Klopp asks.