Casemiro: ‘We’re lacking everything’

Real Madrid are weakened with 6 key players missing the games through injuries, so it’s unsurprising we fell behind in the 11th minute and had to play catch-up all throughout the game.

Most importantly though is that Blancos managed to get points, a fact that Casemiro was quick to highlight in his post-match interview:

“Real Madrid ore obliged to win always, this jersey makes it an obligation. This is a complicated field. We had control for 65 minutes but they got into it and scored. This is the way forward, a draw and keeping adding points. The international break is here and we can change our mindset. You have to keep working.”

The Brazilian was quick to highlight our major weaknesses, showing there’s quite a lot of catching-up Zidane has to make.

“We are lacking everything. We have to score goals and be better defensively. This is a team. If we defend, we all defend. If we attack, we all attack. This is the spirit.”