Griezmann ‘asked €14m commission to sign for Barca’ when he was at Atleti

The lawyer for Griezmann exchanged several e-mails with Barcelona which serves as proof that the deal was done before March according to El Mundo.

Antoine Griezmann negotiated a €14 million commission to sign for Barcelona in March while he was still an Atlético Madrid player according to El Mundo. Atlético Madrid reported Barcelona for tapping up their player and demanded the entirety of his €200 million release clause despite a deal only being done when it had dropped to €120 million in the summer.

The lawyer for the French player exchanged several e-mails, which El Mundo have obtained, and they outline how much would be paid in order to sign for the club along with the last few details that got the deal over the line.

His sister and agent, Maud, his father, a French commission agent and a key Barcelona mediator all benefitted from the deal. In the e-mail from Sevan Karian, his lawyer, they were copied and told how much they would be paid for helping to get Griezmann to sign.

At the end of August, Juantxo Landaberea, the judge named by the Competition Committee to look into accusations that Griezmann signed with Barcelona while his release clause stood at €200 million proposed the idea of closing the Camp Nou as punishment. Another possibility was a fine of €300.

The Competition Committee says there were errors in the procedural errors in the conflict between Barcelona and Atlético Madrid. They have left the matter as it is for the moment and they didn’t decide on anything on Wednesday, as expected, and it is unlikely that they will decide anything next Wednesday either. In the short term, nothing further is expected on the matter.