Messi-Griezmann connection begins to work in game vs Villarreal

During the first 45 minutes, Messi searched more than anyone for Griezmann: he gave him 4 of the 11 passes he made, with the 1-0 assistance included.

It was the third time they met on the field after game Dortmund and Granada, but it’s the first time that they start together.

The expectation was maximum. All Barcelona were eager to see Leo Messi in action, who was starting his title this season after his injury; and Antonie Griezmann, the new one in the trident.

Although they could only play 45 minutes for Messi’s new injury, the connection between the two was more than remarkable.

At six minutes, the Frenchman scored after the Argentine passed a perfect corner making Barca lead 1-0.

But it didn’t end there.

The Barca captain gave a total of 11 passes while he was on the pitch and Griezmann was the one who benefited most from them (4 of the 11). The Frenchman was the player Leo searched for most.

A fact reveals that Messi-Griezmann connection begins to work, although it was ‘interrupted’ by the new injury of the No.10. At a minimum, the duo will be prevented from being in Getafe and makes him doubt for Inter.

Meanwhile, while Leo was in the field, Griezmann also looked for the Argentine, giving him two passes. In the total of 90 minutes, Griezmann was most associated with Arthur, who received 10 of the 41 passes given by the French international.

The same happened in reverse. Of the total of 65 passes given by Arthur, the one who benefited most was Griezmann, who won 11.