Sarri: Rabiot didn’t played in 2019 so he needs to be patient

Rabiot is reportedly unhappy with his lack of game time, so what does the former Napoli and Chelsea Coach think?

“I’ve said that he can do much more and I’m happy with how he’s played so far.” said Sarri.


“Rabiot didn’t played in 2019 so he needs to be patient, but already in the second half he did a bit better.

“We must help him, and he must get used to our football and style of play. If you go behind against two teams in good health, it’s never easy to come back.


“We can do more, but going behind made two difficult games. The first thing to avoid is going behind.

“We’ll see if, first of all, we can improve our approach to matches. I say this from direct experience because SPAL were written off when they came to Napoli two years ago, and it was one of our most difficult matches that season.”