Pique sends strong message to the Barcelona board: We don’t want to get angry

The Barça defender spoke after Barça overcame Getafe 2-0 and said the club had to be united.

Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué spoke in the mixed zone after his side’s 2-0 win over Getafe and sent a pointed message to the club’s bosses.

Winning here, and in the manner we got the victory, gives us confidence. I think it was a hard-fought win and a positive for the team. At a ground like this it’s hard to have a brilliant game. Because of the sun. You need to play practically.

I’d have watched it anyway. We need to focus on ourselves. We’ll stay up there if we keep winning games.

We never want anyone to be injured.

He’s the first person who doesn’t want to be injured. That’s it, rapid treatment, take care of yourself, and get back as quickly as possible.

If the gaffer thinks it’s the right thing to do he’ll play. If he’s in the first team squad it’s because he’s more than good enough to play for Barça.

A bit of everything. At the end of the day, everything came together and if we’re good up front and focused at the back we know we’ll win. The feeling in the dressing room is that we’ll be at the top fighting right till the end.

The team organised it. It was good for everyone, but we need to be together. And when I say together, I mean the fans and the board too. When one person doesn’t want to get angry you don’t have fights. We know the club and the people we know, we know who writes certain articles even though they don’t put their name to them.

We don’t want to be angry. We want to go out and win. We’re hoping nobody tries to provoke battles that aren’t there, and which we don’t want. We need to keep the club united. If not, we’ll hurt ourselves.