Ronaldo: Staying fit relies on healthy diet; Sometimes I eat pizza with my son

Cristiano Ronaldo is truly one of a kind. His hard work and dedication to his craft is well documented, and his ripped physique is often the embodiment of what a modern athlete needs to look like to succeed.

It is indeed true Portuguese superstar has had to work really hard to get to where he currently is.

While training is one part of it, diet plays a huge role too, but if you ask Ronaldo how he maintains this chiselled look, he actually has an interesting response.

“The body fat is true – 60 to 70 per-cent of my life is based in football,” Ronaldo said on the YouTube channel ChrisMD.

“I dedicate myself not just to training but also preparing myself.

“And 90 per cent of my successful maintenance is sleeping good, training well, recover.

“It’s no secret. If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody’s going to help you.”

Ronaldo may be eating healthy at times, but it isn’t everyday. He loves a good cheat meal.

“But I’m not like it every day,” he added.

“Sometimes, I eat pizza with my son.

“If I don’t do that, I’m going to be boring.

“The point is to take care of my fitness and eat properly.”