Brugge’s Dennis: I celebrated like Ronaldo to show them that they lost something

Scoring two goals against Real Madrid, Brugge striker Dennis imitated Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous goal celebration in an audacious act of effrontery to the Bernabéu crowd.

And after the game, Dennis explained that the imitation of his hero Ronaldo was an act to remind the home crowd of what they had lost – if they needed any reminding.

“I like Cristiano and for me he is the best player in the world,” the Brugge striker told RTL.

“I was sad when he left Madrid and I celebrated my goals like that to show them that they lost something.”

While it may have come across as the act of an attention seeker, Dennis was quick to point out that his side’s “good result” was down to a collective performance, rather than to his individual contribution.

“I am happy to have scored two goals, we really wanted to win the game and we were not far away, so we have to settle for a point, which is already a good result,” he said.

“I think it was down to the effort of the whole team, it would not be fair to say that it is due to my two goals.”

Nevertheless, a famous Bernabéu brace will have made it a truly unforgettable night for Dennis, whose heroics were likely seen by Ronaldo himself. Asked about his promise before the game to get a commemorative tattoo if he scored at the Bernabéu, the young striker responded: “I’ll have to get two then.”