Barcelona’s possible comeback for the “Triple” tittles!?

Its possible what Barcelona has done so far? This is the questions that today everyone is asking. At the beginning of the season, Barcelona started bad in La Liga. Catalans were six points behind Real Madrid, with two matches played more than “Los blancos”. But, the second part of the season showed another picture of Barcelona. Often the player in the team were called “aliens” and this was proved in the last month matches.

Especially, yesterday match against Paris Saint Germain, that probably entered in the history of football. Even though in the first leg Barcelona lost with deep result of 4-0, last night they made an fantastic comeback with winning the match 6-1 with a goal on the very last minute of the match.

Now, when Luis Enrique has told to the public opinion that he is leaving Barcelona this summer, looks like he could made his last effort to be the most successful manager in the history of football. Barcelona is on good way to get La Liga tittle, also possible Champions League tittle and they are playing in the final match for Copa del Rey.

With this chances that Luis Enrique has now, Barcelona for sure will enter the history of football as one of the mos successful clubs in the world.