‘I never need to leave the best club in the world’ – Messi on Ronaldo’s proposal

After winning the 2019 Golden Boot, Messi spoke exclusively to MARCA in that he responds to Ronaldo’s proposal to move to another league.

Cristiano (Ronaldo) and Ibrahimovic vindicate themselves. You do not do that. What do you look like as a player?

I’d rather people talk about me. I know what I am, what I did and what I can give, but I keep it to myself. People can have their say. I don’t like to talk about myself, I like to talk about the collective.

Ronaldo always recommends yo to leave comfort zone like Barça is and to look for other leagues as he has done four times. Will you listen to him?

Everyone looks for their targets and their experiences. I never had the need to leave the best club in the world, that Barcelona are, and where I enjoy training, games and the city. [The city to club dynamic] is very complete and I was always sure about the targets at this club [rather than going to] look for it elsewhere.