Giggs: ‘If I have to choose, I would like to say Ronaldo, but Messi is a genius’

Wales coach talked about his experiences playing against Barça and Madrid in an interview for DAZN

Ryan Giggs has reviewed some of their experiences playing against Barça and Madrid during his career as a footballer at Manchester United in an exclusive interview for DAZN.

“ Especially away from home when we played against Barcelona or Real Madrid, at Bernabéu or at Camp Nou, it was difficult. You can feel the history of the two clubs, the quality of their players, it was always difficult because you couldn’t fail in any position,” recalled the Welsh coach.

“ Especially against some of the teams we played, the time of Zidane, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo, and in Barcelona against Messi, Henry, Puyol. Players who had world level. We had to make it perfect because if we didn’t lose,” recalls the former footballer.

About the most difficult players he had to face directly, Giggs comments that “at the beginning of my career, Ferrer, in Barcelona, also played several times against Puyol. At Real Madrid I always met Salgado. Players very difficult to beat because they were defensively strong and then also liked to attack, especially Salgado. He never got tired, he was a player who never gave you a minute of truce. We were always in the fight, as with Garry Neville, a player who represented his team very well. Two very good players”.

Messi is a genius, a player that you only see once in your life

“If I had to choose between Cristiano and Messi,” the former Welsh footballer has been clear and that is that, although the Portuguese was his teammate, he believes that “choosing between Cristiano and Messi is very difficult. I’d like to say ‘Christian’ because I obviously played with him and watched his evolution as a player, but Messi is a genius. He’s a player you only see once in a lifetime, as simple as that. It is very difficult to choose, I would mean that ‘Cristiano’ because I played with him, but there is no comparison”.