Valladolid coach tired after match because all questions are asked about Messi

Valladolid coach Sergio González admitted in a way that his team paid the broken plates of what happened in Prague

Sergio González, Valladolid coach, lamented in a press conference after the match and admitted that his team paid for the broken plates of what happened in Prague.

“Barça wanted to rebel after what happened in Prague and we were the victim,” said the coach.

Sergio said that “Messi’s free-kick goal was spectacular”, although then he got tired of that almost all the questions that were about Messi: “Only ask me about Messi … and Messi knows him all. But I think he has not won us alone. ”

“I think we have kept the guy, despite the goal so fast that we have received, we have reacted and have stood up, but in the second half we have not been able to do more,” said Sergio.