UEFA: This is the decission for referee Aytekin

UEFA has put sanction for the rest of the season for the referee Deniz Autekin.

Pierreluigi Colina, the president of the supervision board of referees in UEFA was not happy at all with the way how th turkish referee Aytekin judged the match between Barcelona and PSG.

In the report also stays that he didn’t gave penalty to Di Maria after being fouled from behind and also the penalty for Suarez was not existing.

Because of these decissions that harmed PSG, UEFA has decided to not give a chance to Aytekin for the rest of Champions League.

Because the report is still not finalized it means that if there is any additional remarks could mean that Deniz Aytekin will never judge any Champions League match in the future.

However, Barcelona won 6-1 against PSG and goes to the next round of Champions League.