Sarri, tough decisions await after Ronaldo substitution controversy

Italian Serie A giants Juventus’ star striker Cristiano Ronaldo has finally admitted that he not fully fit despite playing two nearly full matches for his country Portugal in the UEFA Euro 2020 Qualifiers.

The 34-year-old was the centre of attention after showing anger following substitution in the match against AC Milan as he went straight down to the locker room.

Manager Maurizio Sarri came in the press and explained why he took the former Real Madrid striker off and revealed that Ronaldo has been suffering from a slight niggle.

With the international break nearly over, the question is what the former Chelsea manager should do if Ronaldo once again does not want to rest despite not being 100 per cent fit?

The answer is a simple one that Sarri should do what he did in the team’s previous two matches where he substituted the former Manchester United striker as he was clearly not fit.

To bench one of the best striker in the world, not once but twice in the space of a week, is something only a courageous manager can do and Sarri showed that he has the courage to do what’s right for the team.

Therefore, the former Napoli manager should take the same route again as the eyes will be solely on Ronaldo as to how he will react if such a situation arrive once again.