Hazard: This summer I weighed 80kg, but I lost them all in 10 days


In a recent interview with L ‘Equipe, Hazard, who joined Real Madrid from Chelsea in the summer, told L ‘Equipe that he was five kilos overweight when he returned from the summer break, but it took him only 10 days to lose it.

“The first two or three months at Real Madrid were not as I wanted them to be. Zinedine Zidane told me to remain calm. ‘Be happy,’ he repeated to me. He goes straight to the point, he loves his players.”, said Hazard.

“I could have signed [with Real Madrid] before.

“When I was in Lille, that possibility already existed. But I wanted to try England.


“Contacts began two or three years ago, when I was injured with the national team.”

Then he talked about his weight.

“It is true, when I am on vacation, I am on vacation. Otherwise, I never have a vacation.

“When I was 18 years old at Lille I weighed 72 or 73kg. Then, when I increased muscle mass, I reached 75kg.

“This summer I weighed 80kg, but I lost them all in 10 days.

“I always tell myself: you’re still a beginner, don’t think too much, people are waiting for me to put on a show.”