Sarri: ‘I was hoping for a Ronaldo goal

​After the very important 1-0 victory against Atletico Madrid this evening, Maurizio Sarri spoke to the media (via about the team’s performance and the whole Dybala-Higuain-Ronaldo case which has divided the fans in the past few days.

The Bianconeri certainly did well in grabbing the win, of course, but the overall performance wasn’t super convincing. Sarri confirmed this to the media, stating that they lost focus especially in the second half.

“We played the first half at a very high level, in the second we lost the centre of gravity because we lost too many balls. The drop was due to how much we had to work in Bergamo, but the performance was good,” he began.

Dybala scored the winner on a free-kick from a very tight angle, managing to find a way past all the defenders and eventually Oblak in goal. In the second half, has was taken off in favour of Higuain, and Ronaldo remained on the pitch.

“Dybala came out because the team lost the centre of gravity and I thought that Higuain would give us a hand. Why didn’t Ronaldo come off? I wanted to keep him because I was hoping for a goal so he could unlock himself. Tomorrow we will check if his recovery has worked or not,” he concluded.

With the win, Juventus secured a first-place finish in the Champions League group stage, which could turn out to be highly beneficial in the first round of the knockout phase, once the draw is done.