Zidane remains true to his word to make La Liga his priority


Upon his return to the club for his second spell as coach, Zinedine Zidane vowed to make LaLiga Santander his priority, and he has remained loyal to his word.

With two years having passed since Madrid clinched the title, the Frenchman has made some tweaks to the side that show a greater intent towards domestic competition.

“LaLiga is the most important, it will be our main objective next season,” Zidane stated in April.

Not only did Madrid fail to win LaLiga Santander in the last two seasons, but they were practically out of the running from the first half of the season.


While European success has veiled this problem, Zidane knows he can no longer rely on Champions League glory each season to mask their shortfalls in the league.

In three and a half months of the season, Los Blancos have looked a far more dogged and determined side which than they did last season.

The results are there and it seems Zidane is on track to achieving his primary goal, which was none other than to compete again.