PSG, French champions accelerate for early Icardi redemption

These latest hours have produced new information regarding the redemption of Mauro Icardi from Inter by PSG. can report that PSG have started the engines for the early redemption of Mauro Icardi, the French club is in contact with Inter to cancel the old formula and find the definitive agreement already in January. Maurito convinced the French that in January they will enrich the peak park also for the farewell of Cavani.

The last word, however, will belong to Mauro. 70 million euros is the agreed price for redemption, Inter and PSG will not change anything. A speech started that would be very convenient for Inter who in January would have more liquidity to invest in the market.

The dialogues are open, the last word is up to Icardi, who will be called to make a final decision about his future. It is expected that all parties will come to an agreement before January, with the move to be closed early in the winter market.