Real Madrid on good way for La Liga tittle! Ramos an Ronaldo secured three points.

Real Madrid won the match against Real Betis in an dramatic way. First in lead came Real Betis after the good  shot by Sarabia and very cheap mistake of Keylor Navas that left the ball to enter the goal after he got in his hands.

In the 41 minute of the first half Cristiano Ronaldo scored a good goal with header after the cross of Marcelo from the left side. And the result in the half time was 1-1.

In the second half Real Madrid had fully control on the match but they were under pressure for not making mistake. Only nine minutes before the full time, in 81 minute after a crossing from the corner, Sergio Ramos saved again his team with the goal he scored.

This is not only a goal that was scored by Ramos, but this is a victory that leads Real Madrid on the way to win La Liga tittle, especially today after Barcelona lost from Deportivo La Coruna.

Now, Real Madrid is back in the first place in the table with two points more than Barcelona but with a match less.

Ronaldo goal:

Sergio Ramos goal: