A signing for the midfield is needed? Sarri’s message is already clear

You can only build a puzzle by putting the pieces together. Based on today’s press conference by Maurizio Sarri, the puzzle at Juventus doesn’t have all the pieces required. Especially the midfield is in dire need of reinforcement, and the management knows this.

During the presser, the manager sent several signals to the leadership, making it clear that things will need to be done in January. “Khedira’s injury is a heavy blow”, “Emre Can has to do well to find space”, “I can only think of dropping down Bernanderschi and Ramsey”.

To all the journalists present, it was pretty clear where Sarri was going with it. The Bianconeri have started the season well, claiming most of the points, but not perfectly. Inter overtook the lead last weekend, despite them also having injury struggles.

As it seems, many believe that the Juventus midfield isn’t even good enough when all the players are fit. Something will have to be done, and the management might have to act as early as January. Then again, it’s never easy to find what you want, and get it, in a short space of time.