Chelsea submit 52 million euro for this winger!

Antonio Conte looks like he wants to make a “mini-Juventus” team in Chelsea. The last step that he has taken is the offer he has submit for the young winger of Bayern Munich, Kingsley Coman. The young Frenchman is on two year loan deal from Juventus, but the Bavarian team is thinking to by the asking price for the player as part of buy-option rule in the contract, that will cost to the Germans around 18 million euro.

If they don’t agree to pay this fee, then is reported tha Chelsea are ready to pay 52 million euro just to have the young talented winger in their team.

Conte knows very good the quality of Coman and this is the reason he has convinced the owner of Chelsea, Abramovich to approve this deal.

Coman has played more under Pep Guardiola’s management in Bayern Munchen. He has also played in the Euro 2016 in France as part of the France national team.